World Environment Day

June 5th 2024 marks World Environment Day! At Changes East Lothian we continually advocate for the need of spending time outdoors in nature, due to it’s positive affect on people’s mental wellbeing and overall mood.

(Pictured: Aberlady Bay)

Benefits of Nature for Mental Wellbeing

  1. Being in natural settings, such as parks, forests, and beaches, can help reduce levels of stress leading to a feeling of relaxation. There are so many beautiful landscapes in East Lothian so why not explore these spaces with our Ponder Wander or Bird Watching groups!
  2. Spending time outdoors while taking part in activities like yoga and boxercise, and meeting other people will not only have a positive affect on feelings of fulfilment and happiness, but also engage your body in healthy movements which further supports positive wellbeing!
  3. Being exposed to the wonderful colours and settings of nature, like the heat of the warm sun, or the fresh smells in a forest, can encourage feelings of calmness and help keep your mind at peace.
  4. Keeping active outdoors is important for both physical and mental health, thus taking part in cycling or swimming can positively impact your overall wellbeing!
  5. Taking part in looking after your environment, from litter picking to supporting community gardens, is a fantastic way of volunteering your time to look after our community!

Find out more about the importance of World Environment Day!

If you are interested in environmental issues and are interested in supporting our nature projects then get in touch with us to find out more on how you can support your community.

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