Wellbeing in Nature Course


Wellbeing in Nature Experiences is a 4 week course run in partnership with Outside the BoxFantoosh Sketching and Scottish Seabird Centre.

It will include various nature activities, such as nature art, cooking on a fire, raft building, birdwatching, forest bathing and journaling.


Led by Outside the Box

It will include introductions, cooking on a fire and connecting with the environment.

Forest bathing, tree identification and journaling

Led by Changes Walk Buddy and Nature Project Worker Jade.

It will include activities which can sooth your mind while connecting you with nature.

Art in Nature

Led by established East Lothian artist Fantoosh Sketching

Birdwatching and identification

Led by the Scottish Seabird Centre


Runs twice per year


Various locations throughout East Lothian



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New Wellbeing in Nature course is coming to East Lothian

How to get involved

Contact us by emailing info@changeschp.org.uk or call on 0131 653 3977

You can also note your interest by completing the form below. We will contact you ahead of our next course to invite you to book.

Contact us 0131 653 3977 or info@changeschp.org.uk