Time Capsule Book

We are excited to present Changes Time Capsule 2020 now available in paper and electronic copy.

At Changes Volunteer Christmas Zoom Get Together, December 2020, just as new variants of Covid-19 were emerging, we shared poems and stories about our experiences of living through a global pandemic.  We shared our own unique take on how Covid-19 had impacted our lives.  A Changes Volunteer suggested that these poems and stories would be worth saving, capturing a unique and most unusual moment in history and so the idea of creating a Covid-19 Time Capsule was born. The contents of the pages that follow have come from the Changes community, including participants, volunteers, staff and residents of East Lothian.

A paper copy of the Time Capsule can be purchased at a cost of £5. We think it would make a lovely Christmas gift!

To place an order, email info@changeschp.org.uk. Or view the electronic version below.


Contact us 0131 653 3977 or info@changeseastlothian.org