Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. We are here to help you understand stress, identifying what’s making you stressed and to offer support and guidance so you can reduce it. Contact us on or call 0131 653 3977 for support if you’re feeling stressed

What is stress?

Stress is any event, situation or relationship that puts us under pressure and activates our threat system. We can experience small amounts of stress or large amounts of stress. Stress can be infrequent or it can happen frequently.

Symptoms of stress


When we are stressed we may be prone to think more negatively about ourselves, others and the outcome of events. We will typically overestimate the THREAT and under-estimate our ability to cope with it. Our thoughts may feel jumbled, unclear and race away, or the opposite – freeze and go blank.


Stress makes us feel anxious, overwhelmed, vulnerable, irritable, angry, frustrated, hopeless and sad.

Physical symptoms

We may feel tense, headachy, dizzy, nauseus, butterflies, sweaty, a sudden need to go to the bathroom!, tired, yawning more than usual….


Sleepless nights, worrying about the future, ruminating about the past, snapping at our nearest and dearest, comfort eating, not eating at all, catastrophising, isolating ourselves, telling everyone about it, avoiding people, running away

Dealing with stress

We cannot avoid stress completely so how do we develop ways of coping?

Top Tips

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