Remarkable Time Capsule Exhibition Event

April saw our long awaited Time Capsule Exhibition opening at the Fraser Centre in Tranent. The Opening Night Event was a time to discuss and reflect on the experience of the difficult time and isolation of the 2020 lockdowns. It also became a time of joy for our community coming together and sharing some inspiring stories.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Time Capsule Exhibition Opening Night Event! And a special thank you to the amazing Ukulele band for performing and to Stephen from Explore Edinburgh for capturing the event.

Ros, Joyce and Lorraine performed unique cover versions of well-known songs
Time Capsule contributor Nellie looking at her poem displayed on the wall of the Fraser Centre

Many incredible guests shared their inspiring stories from the 2020 lockdowns

One East Lothian resident and Changes community member shared her story and wellbeing tip:

All my family are in Ireland. I used to visit 3 times per year. But with the lockdown I couldn’t visit them anymore. I got the chance to walk the fields and I walked the fields. Non-stop. It was very therapeutic and good for the head.

MSP for East Lothian, Paul McLennan, addressed Changes community and East Lothian residents.

“Thanks to Changes on the 25 day challenge. There was a challenge which suggested we look up at the clouds. Every morning on holiday I looked at the clouds and I found it very mindful” ─ shared another East Lothian resident.

If you have some spare time, use it as a chance to learn something new

said Brian Glass in his speech

Thank you to the Time Capsule contributors!

Our exhibition will remain open during standard opening times. Entry is free and no tickets are required.  We encourage you just to turn up and browse the contributions from the community which you will find in the cafe area of the Fraser Centre throughout May.

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