Psychological Therapies Videos

Life can be such a bewildering experience.”

Welcome to LIFE! …and how to survive it. This YouTube channel has been set up to help us get through a period where we find ourselves feeling stressed, overwhelmed and needing some help. The channel has been created by NHS Lothian. The videos were written and presented by the East Lothian Psychological Therapies Service, and you’ll find videos in here that you can use to guide you through difficult times.

There are 9 playlists, each one discussing different aspects of life, stress and overcoming difficult times. The videos in the playlists are designed to all be only a few minutes long, so people have the chance to watch them while they’re in the bath, laying in bed, sitting on the bus, or anywhere that’s easiest for you. Whenever you’re most likely to get a quiet 10mins to yourself, is a good time to set aside for coming to this channel. You can jump in anywhere you choose. The videos in the playlists are designed to follow each other in sequence, so you can watch them as if you were attending a group or course. But it isn’t necessary to start at the first video in playlist 1 and watch them all. You can select any video that sounds most helpful to you and start with that.

We would like you to get something invaluable from these videos and possibly something that will change your life in an important way. Enjoy the films.

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