Ponder Wander (Wellbeing in Nature)


Ponder Wander is a new nature based wellbeing activity from Changes

It’s not about going on long walks or hiking, but about enjoying nature and admiring the beauty of East Lothian together.

Do you enjoy going for a walk and noticing little things? Or taking some time to sit in nature tunning into nature’s rhythms? Feel the breeze, watch the waves, and sit and listen to nature’s noises.

Do you like connecting with like-minded people? Please do come along!


Dates and times vary – 1 hour


Musselburgh, East Lothian



How to join

Contact jade@changeschp.org.uk or Changes on 0131 653 3977 for more information.

A message from Jade

Come to Ponder Wander with me

Hello, I am Jade. I am the Walk Buddy and Nature Project Worker for Changes.

Since starting the co-ordination for the Walk Buddy Project, a lot of group participants have mentioned that they enjoy being in nature, watching the birds, listening to the sounds of the trees and the sea, and just taking time out for themselves to do this. The big problem that they regularly told me about, is that they don’t have anyone to do this with and feel a bit uncomfortable doing it alone. Fast forward a few months and here we have the Ponder Wander – a chance to explore different surroundings, taking notice of the colours of the flowers, learning together about the plants around us and enjoying the beauty of East Lothian. The plan is to have 4 sessions in different parts of East Lothian.

Can I do it if I struggle with walking?

Absolutely, this isn’t a race or a long hike, it is being together in nature.

Will Ponder Wander help me feel better?

Well, everyone is different but the science shows that being in nature can improve anxiety and depression symptoms, so why not give it a try?

How to attend?

Contact Jade by emailing jade@changeschp.org.uk or calling 0131 653 3977

Contact us 0131 653 3977 or info@changeschp.org.uk