Nurture by Nature – Nature Activities

Improve your wellbeing by connecting with nature and with others. Each Nurture by Nature activity and course is designed to offer opportunities to learn new skills, explore new places, and experience the benefits of spending time in East Lothian’s natural environments. Find out more about what is on offer below

Ponder Wander

Weekly slow wanders in nature at a range of East Lothian beauty spots.

The Scottish Seabird Centre Course

The course is led by conservation officers of the Scottish Seabird Centre and includes various nature activities.

Women in Nature Group

Connect to other women and nature in a one-off group designed to improve your sense of wellbeing and community.

Wellbeing in Nature Course

Wellbeing in Nature Experiences was held in partnership with Outside the Box, Fantoosh Sketching and Scottish Seabird Centre. Any future dates will be available on our website.

Surf Therapy

The Surf Therapy programme is designed to improve and develop self-regulation, embodiment practices and healing tools through surfing’s connection to nature, community, and self. 

Birdwatching Group

Weekly guided sessions, and locations rotate between three East Lothian costal venues

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