Nurture by Nature: Volunteer Opportunities in East Lothian

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we are delighted to showcase the stunning transformation of planter 35 at Fisherrow Harbour in East Lothian. This breathtaking change is the result of the dedicated efforts of Changes’ passionate volunteers.

Changes adopted the planter 35 on the harbour as part of the “SAFE promenade” initiative, a collaborative effort of Fisherrow Harbour and Seafront Association and various local organisations. This initiative was supported by East Lothian Council. Read on to see the vibrant blooms and discover the volunteering opportunities available in East Lothian.

The blooms at Fisherrow Harbour planter 35

You can see the awe-inspiring colours and stunning array of flowers that now grace planter 35 at Fisherrow Harbour. Thanks to the hard work, care and love invested by our dedicated volunteers, the planter has transformed into a flourishing oasis. The beauty found here serves as a testament to the transformative power of community involvement and the positive impact it can create.

Volunteering opportunities in East Lothian

As we celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we express our deepest gratitude to the volunteers who have transformed planter 35 at Fisherrow Harbour into a stunning masterpiece.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who contributed their time and effort to help with our gardening efforts at Fisherrow Harbour. Their dedication is truly inspiring! If you’re passionate about mental health and want to make a difference in East Lothian, check what volunteering opportunities are available at Changes.

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