New Wellbeing in Nature course is coming to East Lothian

Our new wellbeing course named Wellbeing in Nature Experiences is coming to East Lothian this September.

Part of Changes Nurture by Nature activities the course will be run in partnership with Outside The Box, Fantoosh Sketching and Scottish Seabird Centre.

Wellbeing in Nature Experiences will include various nature activities, such as nature art, cooking on a fire, raft building, birdwatching, forest bathing and journaling.

Wellbeing in Nature Experiences Week 1 | Outside the Box

Week 1 of the Wellbeing in Nature Experiences will include introductions, cooking on a fire and connecting with the environment. First week will be led by Outside the Box at Fisherrow Harbour in Musselburgh.

How to cook over a campfire? How to prepare the site for your fire? There are a few tips and tricks which can make your experience great. On this course you can try to cook on a fire while enjoying quality time in the great outdoors in a good company.

Wellbeing in Nature Experiences Week 2 | Connecting with Nature

Week 2 of the Wellbeing in Nature Experiences will be led by Changes nature project worker Jade. It will include activities which can sooth your mind while connecting you with nature such as forest bathing, tree ID and journaling.

What is forest bathing? Forest bathing means taking in the forest atmosphere. It’s a form of ecotherapy where you mindfully connect with your surroundings. Being immersed in a natural environment can greatly benefit your health and wellbeing. It can sooth your mind and make you feel relaxed.

Wellbeing in Nature Experiences Week 3 | Art in Nature 

Art in nature allows you to express your creativity and get inspired by your natural surroundings. If you are an observer, admirer, and nature enthusiast you will find great enjoyment in observing leaves, birds, pebbles. There are countless possibilities to notice something fascinating in nature. 

Week 3 sessions will be led by established East Lothian artist Fantoosh Sketching who has a vast experience leading gently-paced art-focused walking sessions.

Lynn will share simple and fun sketching techniques that can help you experience the small wonders in a natural environment.

Anyone can enjoy art – it’s the process that matters. You can be creative and make art while wandering, connecting with nature and each other.

Wellbeing in Nature Experiences Week 4 | Musselburgh Lagoons

On week 4 of the Wellbeing in Nature Experiences you can enjoy great time at Musselburgh Lagoons while learning about local wildlife from the Scottish Seabird Centre. Musselburgh Lagoons, at the mouth of the River Esk, include grasslands and woodlands, and is an excellent birdwatching sight.

Do you know that you can observe over 300 bird species in East Lothian? From spotting swans and common gulls to rare Western Sandpipers, birdwatching is a fun and engaging activity which allows for introspection and contemplation.


Tuesday afternoons, 1:00 – 4:30pm

Starting 6th September

How to join Wellbeing in Nature Experiences?

This 4 week course is open only to the residents of East Lothian.

To book your free place contact us on: 0131 653 3977 or

You can also register your interest by completing the form below.

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