Mindfulness Audio Tracks

A collection of mindfulness meditations recorded by Changes Mindfulness Practitioner, Glenis.


You should never listen to these tracks while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Any commercial use is not permitted under copyright law.

Click on the ‘play’ icon (the triangle). This will allow you to listen to these tracks.

These are all MP3 format so will play on any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

Hot Air Balloon Meditation, a short visualisation to bring a little calm and peace into your day

An Autumn Mindful Moment, as shared at Changes Annual Meeting, October 2021

Rainbow Meditation, a celebration and tribute of Pride Month 2021

Mindful Minute, a one-minute meditation

Kindness Meditation, marking Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Cultivating Acceptance, something we all need during challenging and uncertain times

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