Mental Health Swims Musselburgh

Changes in partnership with Mental Health Swims


Whether you want to just feel the sand between your toes, or venture out into the water and get your toes wet. Regardless of what you decide to do you’ll be surrounded by love and laughter. You’re welcome to come and see how you feel on the day, there’s no pressure to get in.
In case you end up feeling hungry, bring some snacks and a warm drink and why not hang out for a chit-chat afterwards.

About your hosts, Kelly & Rosemary

I’m Kelly and I work for Changes.  I’m passionate about bringing people together, to share experiences and support one another. I like to dip and float in the sea and wash away any negativity from that day or week.  

Rosemary volunteers with Changes (amongst other places) as a cycle ride leader and is also a sea dipper.  
We are both trained MHS hosts and welcome you along.  

About Mental Health Swims Musselburgh

Mental Health Swims is a community that welcomes and empowers everyone – people of all body shapes, skin colours, ages, backgrounds, genders, sexualities and abilities to enjoy the healing power of cold water and community. There will be a wide range of people living with mental illness attending our swim meet ups so it is of the utmost importance that we are careful about the language we use.

We want all our swim hosts, volunteers and participants to keep this in mind both online and in person.

Important information

– Mental Health Swims CIC is a peer support community. You enter the water at your own risk and must be responsible for your safety at all times. Swim hosts are not responsible for your safety.

– Mental Health Swims is not supposed to take the place of professional treatment or therapy.

– If you are considering joining one of our swim meets and have any medical concerns, it’s important that you speak to your GP before attending.

How to join

For further info on mental health swims/meet ups please like/follow Mental Health Swims on Facebook or Instagram.

More information about upcoming dips can be found here.

Read about the first Mental Health Swims dip in Musselburgh

Contact us 0131 653 3977 or