Kelly Thacker

I started with Changes in July 2021 and am learning about all the activities that take place here, not to mention all the lovely staff and volunteers. 

I’ve been working in employability in Edinburgh for the last 11 years, with a range of charities and in various roles.  I began coaching people to move into jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, I have run training in a range of topics, moved into project development and most recently leadership. 

I trained as a Life Coach 12 years ago and have used these goal setting and life planning skills throughout my job roles since.  I am passionate about supporting people to break down some of the bigger things they are trying to deal with in life, create inspiring goals and work towards a plan that allows smaller steps to their own personal success stories.  

I love the outdoors and when I feel overwhelmed, I often find myself in a beautiful woodland or on a beach, just to breathe deeply and recharge.  I enjoy journaling and use it to capture my thoughts to make sense of my world and what I’m currently experiencing. I walk and swim in the sea and might be found under a tree at night in my bivvy bag, enjoying a night under the stars.  

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