Compassion Focused Therapy Group


What is Compassion Focused Therapy?

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is an integrative way of working with individuals to help them find ways to understand their minds and emotions and to encourage and develop compassion towards themselves and others. It has been shown to be a useful approach to treat a range of psychological difficulties, especially in people who feel shame and self-criticism very acutely.

By understanding our minds and emotions better, we work with people to find new ways forward to help live a more positive and balanced life. Through developing more compassionate ways of thinking and behaving we can change the way we see ourselves and others around us. This can lead us to live a more fulfilling and peaceful way of being in the world, improve our self-esteem, improve our relationships and generally promote wellbeing.

What should I expect from the course?

Our Compassion Focused Therapy course will be delivered in a small group format. Through this course you will learn how compassion can help you to be kinder and more nurturing towards yourself and others. The group will be run by qualified therapists. The group will run face to face in various locations in East Lothian, meeting once a week for 8 weeks for 1.5 hours per week (breaks included!).

What do I need to do if I want to join the course?

In order to join the course, you will need to meet face to face with a therapist for a pre-group appointment. This is so we can make sure that this is a ‘good-fit’ for you (the best option to suit your needs), and it gives you the chance to meet one of the therapists running the course and ask any questions you have. The appointments usually take up to 50 minutes and take place at the Changes offices in Musselburgh.


Dates and locations vary, contact us for upcoming course dates.


This is a face to face course, locations vary.


8 weeks

How to get involved

To note your interest for the next course, contact us on 0131 653 3977 or complete our form.

Contact us 0131 653 3977 or