Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Your CBT therapist will work jointly with you to help you identify what is keeping problems going, and introduce ways to change unhelpful thinking and behaviour.

Although CBT may consider how the past affects you, the main focus is on the ‘here and now’. You will agree goals for therapy with your therapist and there will be homework – tasks to help you practice skills to address your problems in a practical way.

People come to CBT with a broad range of issues. It is suitable for more significant or specific problems such as:


We offer CBT to people over 18 and appointments are weekly or fortnightly and each session lasts about 50 minutes. There is no set number of sessions offered, but you can expect to work with your therapist for around three months.

We currently offer CBT on Mondays and Tuesdays. Most of our CBT appointments are daytime, but we do have some evening appointments. The wait for an evening appointment is longer due to limited availability.

Please note that CBT is currently offered by telephone or video conferencing due to Covid-19 restrictions. Find out more about how our phone and video therapy works.

What do I do if I want CBT?

  1. Contact us on 0131 653 3977 or complete our initial registration of interest form and ask for a CBT request form.
  2. We will email or post you a CBT request form. If you are having trouble completing the form, let us know and we will arrange a suitable time to talk through the form and complete it together.
  3. Once you have completed and returned this to us, we will email to let you know we have received it. We will then offer you a CBT consultation to ensure CBT at CHANGES is right for you at this time and to allow you to ask any questions you may have. Sometimes we will refer you to other sources of support if this is appropriate.
  4. We will then add you to our CBT waiting list and contact you when we are able to offer a start date. The waiting time for CBT is usually around four months.

Contact us 0131 653 3977 or