CHANGES Poem 2020

A poem by Christine, a Volunteer with CHANGES Healthy Living Project, summing up 2020.

There’s been changes for Changes this year, has there not?

Along came a virus that knocked us to pot

But not to be daunted although there was gloom

Our spirits uplifted with meetings on Zoom

We had coffee mornings and volunteer meetings

And emails from Heather with her cheery greetings

There’s been exercises for body and soul

To keep us all healthy has been Changes’ goal.

Staff are working from home and are like busy bees

Always thinking of others and how they can please.

Restrictions were lifted and so we could walk

Both buddy and Nordic to have a good talk.

There was cycling for some if the weather was fair

When they swiftly flew by with the wind in their hair

Caitlin sent information about Changes Creative

So I thought I’d tune in and be innovative.

I can’t draw for toffee and nor can I paint

So as you can tell, an artist I ain’t

What could I do and would I have time

To think up some words that would actually rhyme?

So this is my effort and words they’re aplenty

As we draw to the end of the year 2020

It’s been a hard road with this Covid-19

One of the worse that has ever been seen.

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