Changes launches Mental Health Swims in Musselburgh

Musselburgh Mental Health Swims group waving a pink pirate flag

The swim is short, the group stayed in the water for less than 10 minutes, yet everyone felt happier, calmer, and more focused afterwards. People who take part in a cold water swimming activities often claim to feel more focused, accomplished and productive.

It’s easy to see why so many open water swimmers claim that it has improved their mental and physical wellbeing. Swimming in general is beneficial to health and spending time near water has been linked to an improved sense of wellbeing. Moreover, swimming with others builds a community and finishing a challenging task gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Swimming in cold water can induce a sense of euphoria in some people. ‘I made it!’ ─ exclaimed one of the participants after the swim. 

Open water swimming is getting more popular. But why? Cold water swimming has been shown to help with stress, anxiety and depression management. A recent peer-reviewed case study supports the use of cold water swimming as a depression treatment. 

Whether you want to just feel the sand between your toes, or venture out into the water and get your toes wet. Regardless of what you decide to do you’ll be surrounded by love and laughter. You’re welcome to come and see how you feel on the day, there’s no pressure to get in.

In case you end up feeling hungry, bring some snacks and a warm drink and why not hang out for a chit-chat afterwards.

Musselburgh Mental Health Swims

After the swim the group warmed up with tea and cakes.

Join Musselburgh Mental Health Swims

Our next swimming event is this Friday, May 27th. The swim host will be waiting for you at the meeting site with a pink pirate flag so that you can readily find them on the day of the meet. They will greet you and give you some information about the swim place and what to expect. Everyone will then enjoy a social swim, paddle, or toe dip.

Our Mental Health Swims are welcoming and cheerful, with a strong emphasis on peer support, so please join us. Register your interest here.

Contact us 0131 653 3977 or