Celebrating Pride Month 2023: Changes East Lothian stands with the LGBT+ community

Changes mental health charity extends support and resources for mental wellbeing throughout the year

As June approaches, the LGBT+ community gears up to celebrate Pride Month 2023, a time when people around the world recognise and honour the enduring impact and contributions of LGBT+ individuals. Changes East Lothian, a mental health charity dedicated to promoting mental wellbeing, stands in solidarity with the LGBT+ community and reinforces its commitment to providing support and resources not just during Pride Month but throughout the year.

Pride Month is a vibrant and empowering time when the LGBT+ community gathers to commemorate their journey, celebrate diversity and raise awareness about the challenges still faced by many. It is an occasion that brings people together, fostering a sense of unity, love and acceptance.

Changes emphasises the importance of having a safe space to express oneself and seek support. A reminder to anyone who feels like they have no one to talk to, Changes is here to support you. Not just during Pride Month 2023, but every month of the year, we strive to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can find solace and empowerment.

Changes’ support groups and courses page offers a range of groups to help individuals connect with peers, share experiences and receive guidance from trained professionals. Whether someone is struggling with mental health or seeking a wellbeing support, Changes aims to be a valuable resource.

In addition to the support groups and courses, we encourage individuals to explore our wellbeing activities, designed to promote self-care and mental wellness. From mindfulness exercises to art therapy, these activities offer LGBT+ individuals an opportunity to prioritise their wellbeing.

Pride Month 2023 reminds us of the immense progress achieved by the LGBT+ community and highlights the ongoing work needed to foster inclusivity and equality. Changes reaffirms its commitment to stand alongside the LGBT+ community, offering unwavering support.

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