Brian Glass

I joined CHANGES in September 2009 on a one year contract. They still haven’t managed to get rid of me! My main role is now to organise and deliver SMHFA, ASIST and safeTALK training. All three courses designed to give people the skills to help someone in mental distress or with suicidal thoughts.

I am also the Suicide Prevention worker working as part of the Suicide Prevention Group in East Lothian and I help deliver the 1st response service in East Lothian, so I actually put the training I deliver into practice and know that it works. I have a mental illness but it is well managed and unlike when I worked in corporate-land rarely keeps me off work. As an Artist, I love painting but I also love delivering the courses. I really enjoy helping people to help others as well as helping people.

My key achievement to date has been the development in my skill as an artist. It has taken 20+ years but I am actually quite good. My real specific interest though, is suicide prevention. I know how it impacts people, I have twice been suicidal myself, I also know that just because you think about it does not mean you have to act on the thoughts. I have learned so much about suicide, suicide prevention and helping people deal with suicide in the past 10 years working in CHANGES. For that I am so grateful. If you want to talk about suicide, come talk to me, I’ll listen.

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