CHANGES is a Community Health Project which promotes the positive wellbeing of people living in East Lothian.

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Support for Men

Men’s Group

The Men’s Group runs fortnightly on a Tuesday evening in Musselburgh and is facilitated by an experienced worker, able to help men deal with a wide range of issues. Each group lasts for around 6 months.

Men who have attended CHANGES Men’s Groups tell us that it is a relief to have found a place where they can express themselves and feel listened to when sharing their experiences with other men. It is very common for men to feel they cannot share their true feelings and problems with their family and friends for fear of burdening them or being judged. The Men’s Group offers a space for men to share their experiences with others and lets them know they are not alone with their struggles

Through sharing their stories, trusting relationships are developed within the group and the safe space becomes fertile ground for personal growth and understanding. Sometimes from being in difficult, dark and unfamiliar places, men embark on a journey that allows in light and transformation.

Men’s Peer Support Group

After 6 months in the men’s support group, men are invited to join a men’s peer support group.  Facilitated by a men’s peer support worker, the peer support group offers ongoing support for up to 18 months. Men support each other to keep an eye on their psychological and emotional wellbeing – and to have fun. They learn to support one another and to encourage each other to ask for help if needed.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Men’s Group, please contact us on 0131 653 3977 or email

“I continued into the peer support group  because I wanted to carry on being honest and I want to continue having a place where I can vent off and I know that the men understand this.”

Contact us on 0131 653 3977