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Please click link below for CHANGES Calendar for a range of classes and groups starting between April and June, 2015 that you can book via this website. For all other classes and groups, please contact CHANGES for more information on how to book your place.

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A copy of CHANGES Groups/Courses Programme July to Sept 2015 is available by contacting CHANGES.


A copy of CHANGES General leaflet is also available to download from the link below.

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CHANGES Annual Report 13-14


CHANGES is a Community Health Project which promotes the positive wellbeing of people living in East Lothian.

Are you experiencing?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Negative thinking

If yes - maybe we can help?

If you feel you're not coping as well as you'd like and looking for ways of moving forward CHANGES can help in the following ways:-

STEP ONE - Contact CHANGES - Tel 0131 653 3977 or email

STEP TWO - Talk to a worker about the support you need and what CHANGES can offer.

STEP THREE - A Project Worker will help you identify ways forward either with CHANGES services or signposting to other organisations that can offer support.

STEP FOUR - At this stage most people will then be offered a place on our First Steps Towards Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing Course. This is a seven week course which aims to help you better understand how stress and anxiety affects you. At the end of this course you will have identified areas you need to work on - have a much clearer idea of the changes that you need to make - and how to make them happpen.

STEP FIVE - Following on from the First Steps Course, we offer a range of other courses which are designed to meet your objectives for moving forward. These include Stress Control, Think Better-Feel Better, Assertiveness, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Understanding Anxiety and Panic, Six Steps Against Senior Stress, Eat Well-Keep Active, Support Groups and Wellbeing Walks. Courses are held in various venues across East Lothian.


Free groups and courses Including our First Steps to Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing course which aims to help you better understand how stress and anxiety affects you. Free creche and transport are provided as required.

Counselling Counselling offers a safe environment for you to explore your life and talk through any worries or anxieties you may have. Counselling can be beneficial if you are experiencing relationship difficulties, anxiety or stress, bereavement or loss, feelings of hurt or rejection, change or loss of confidence. Six hourly sessions are offered initially - extended to if required. The counselling sessions are free.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Our CBT service offers short-term therapy for mild to moderate mental health issues. CBT focuses on your thinking (cognitions), your actions, your ways of dealing and coping with life situations and how they impact on your overall mood. CBT recognises and explores how life experiences, including childhood, have shaped us but focuses on the here and now and ways to move forward. CBT is a self-help therapy guided by a therapist, which means people are often able to maintain their improvement after therapy has finished.

Wellbeing Walks Exercise has been associated with reduced anxiety, decreased depression and enhanced mood. Walking is a good way to start exercising and also offers opportunities for relaxation and social contact. CHANGES walking groups have been running for a number of years in Musselburgh, Haddington and more recently in Prestonpans, supporting people to improve their mental wellbeing by being part of a walking group. In addition, trained volunteers can offer support to people on a one to one basis to start walking and walk more.

A new informal walking group supported by CHANGES has recently been set up and you can find out more or sign up to this new group by clicking on the following link East Lothian - Feel Good Walks

We are working towards setting up a new walking group in Dunbar. Please get in touch if you would like to find out about when these walks are starting or if you would like to volunteer as a walk leader on these new walks. Email or telephone Heather on 0131 653 1080 for more information.

Healthy Living In addition to the Wellbeing Walks above we also run other groups and classes under the Healthy Living banner. These include Gentle Exercise Classes, Exercise to Music Classes, Cycling for Health groups and Singing for Fun sessions. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Volunteer Support Our team of trained volunteers who help run the groups and courses can also offer one to one support, before, during or after a course. The volunteers will have an understanding of what you are experiencing and can help you make the most of what CHANGES has to offer.

An Information LIBRARY We respond to enquiries from local people and professionals about sources of support for people experiencing stress, depression, panic attacks, phobias and anxiety. You can borrow books, DVDs and relaxation tapes.

Volunteering Opportunities As a local charity we depend on local people to become involved. We can provide volunteers with free training and send you details of the many ways you can help.


CHANGES Community Health Project

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